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Don’t know which career you are best cut out for?

Have you zeroed-in on a career but have a nagging doubt you might have overlooked more desirable options?

Unsure about which courses or streams to choose?

Truly, choosing the right career is hugely confusing for almost everyone in high school or college. Also, it is one of life’s most difficult — and most important — decisions.

But relax, now you have help. . .

helps you discover your best career options . . .

What if somebody could guide you to career options that best match your interests and aspirations?

does just that!

It matches your personality with careers which you will find most fulfilling – and which you are likely to be most successful at.

brings together 2 very powerful tools to help you map your best career options:

1. The Self-Directed Search® (SDS) is the World's No. 1 career assessment and career planning test. Successfully used by millions of students all over the world, SDS is based on very sound, reliable and time-tested principles.
2. CARING’s unmatched experience and expertise as India's leading career counselling team.
How put you on the right track. . .
All you need to do is to answer some simple questions about your interests, what activities you find interesting, what occupations you dream of, or aspire to…uncomplicated stuff like that which you will not only enjoy doing but which will set you thinking more clearly about yourself. And, it will take you only 30-45 minutes to do so.

Based on the information you provide, you will get:
1. An easy-to-understand report highlighting your personality and aptitude – and why you would be most successful in the careers recommended.
2. A select list of career options, specially picked for you from over 1,000 occupations, which are compatible with your interests and personality. These are the careers where you are likely to find most job satisfaction and success. In other words, careers which are just right for you!
3. Higher study options suitable for you from over 750 different fields of study;
4. A road-map for further exploration; and
5. Suggestions whether you might benefit from one-on-one expert personal counselling.
How to go about it . . .
  • By email: Get the I-Opener booklet through email simply by sending a blank mail to

  • In Person: You can visit our office to complete between 11am and 6pm on any working day at the below address:

    Career Guidance India (CARING)
    24 Feroze Gandhi Road
    Lajpat Nagar-III
    New Delhi - 110 024.
    Ph: +91 11 2983 6470, 2983 6480

  • Fee: Rs. 495/- payable in cash at our office, or by cheque in case you are ordering the I-Opener through e-mail.
    • If you live in Delhi/NCR — send us a local cheque in favor of “CARING” for Rs. 495
    • Others — send us an AT PAR Cheque in favor of “CARING” for Rs. 495

Your report will be sent to you by courier, generally within 72 hours.

Come, choose the career that suits you best.


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