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Pervin Malhotra
Confused about your career?
Don’t know what options to choose?
Where to study?
Career Guidance India offers you a wealth of accurate and up-to-date information to help you make the right choices.
Career Guidance India is India's premier career counselling organisation. Every year we help thousands of students (and parents!) make the right education and career choices by providing them accurate and up-to-date information on career & education options.
Here is wishing you a great future.
Pervin Malhotra
Pervin Malhotra is India's top career counsellor. Her immensely popular career query columns in the print and electronic media reach an estimated audience of 50 million. She is the Executive Director, CareerGuidanceIndia (CARING)
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Thank you Caring!
"Thank you for your guidance. This is truly the best service for confused students like me. I am greatly thankful and proud of this Indian service for showing me the right way."
Umesh Jindal
This is an unsolicited
testimonial - one of the unending stream we receive every day from appreciative students, parents and teachers.

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